Center on Human Exceptionalism

The mission of Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism is to affirm and uphold the intrinsic nature of human dignity, liberty, and equality. In resistance to a growing movement against unique human personhood, we aim to revitalize a commitment to the traditional Western view of human rights and human responsibilities — summed up by the term “human exceptionalism.” Read more



Dr. David Prentice on the Ethics of Science, Stem Cell Therapies, and Biotechnology

Wesley J. Smith
November 15, 2021
It has been said that the 21st Century is the century of biotechnology. And that has certainly proved to be true. From embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, adult stem cell therapies, gene editing of babies, and research that blends human and animal DNA into a single organism, biotechnology offers both hope of great scientific advances to alleviate human diseases—and distinct ethical perils that would treat nascent human life as a thing to be molded like a clay pot.

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty on COVID vaccine mandates, conscience rights, and medical ethics

Tom Shakely
November 8, 2021
We live in a time in which coercion in public health policy threatens to corrupt medical ethics. Efforts to combat the pandemic acerbated this trend — for example, vaccine mandates — but it did not start with COVID. For years, the medical establishment has been at war with “medical conscience,” that is, pushing polices that would force doctors to participate Read More ›